March 23 - Authorities seized the bag in the Netherlands...

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March 23 (was not here for most of class, these notes are not complete) The notion of international immunity is rooted in customary international law What is the point of diplomatic immunity? When you begin to target diplomat you jeopardize communication that is vital to diplomatic relations What types of immunities to diplomats have? Page 342 of the textbook The most egregious violation of diplomatic immunity took place during the hostage crisis in 1979 For 444 days us diplomats were held as hostages The us went to the world court and sued iran The court ruled in favor of the united states What happens if the diplomatic bag is used to transfer illegal materials
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Unformatted text preview: Authorities seized the bag in the Netherlands but allowed the diplomat to proceed (find this case) The diplomat was allowed safe passage through third countries A Georgian diplomat in Washington dc Was trashed and driving through Georgetown Hit a teenage girl and killed her State declares the diplomat as persona non grata He diplomat can be tried if immunity is waived if the immunity is waived by the sending state Declaring a diplomat a persona non grata usually when the receiving state suspects the diplomat of being a spy...
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