feb 25 intl - First part definitions Look in textbook What...

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First part definitions Look in textbook What is a treaty Veto in un sec council opinio juris Self determination Seuccess Extradition Jus cogens Supranationalism Refrowler provision of the refugee convention State Acquiring nationality terms You will be asked to illustrate term with example Next part short answer 2/4 Based on substantive part of textbook Sources of international law About the cases that we have studied in class Be very familiar with the case Steps to be convered when talking about case Talk about events that led to lawsuit what legal issue was presented to the court. pucket habana was the seizure of the fishing vessels legal or illegal when looking at the norms orf international lwa 3rd step look at the ruling of the court 4th step how did the court arrive at the ruling 5th step whether you agree or disagree and for what reason nottebohm case don't confuse with property seizure issue it is a citizenship issue pay a lot of attention to the cases that we have studied
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each question will have more than one part there will be multiple parts to each question answer each part. hypothetical will be very similar to the one from the quiz use your class notes as a framework reference. go back to the book and read through the chapters Extraterritorial jurisdiction States have been given tremendous reach as a result of extra territorial jurisdictioan that they can exercise under international law 5 main principles that states can use to exhibit jurisdiction 3 rd passive personality principle Violate state x law Victim is a citizen of x Jursidicition is asserted by the state whose citizen is a victim It is used rarely and it is often used in conjunction with another principle Ex german tourists carjacked and killed in usa Any state whose nationals are victims of a crime get to assert jurisdiction
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feb 25 intl - First part definitions Look in textbook What...

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