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Februrary 23 - When the case went to the public court of...

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Februrary 23 Get notes from nina Extraterritorial jurisdiction What does juristdiction mean? Does it have the authority to enforce its laws? Foreign national does not enter another state But carries on activities that hurts the activities of the state Subjective territorial principle Objective territorial principle – the action has taken place outside of the state but has been completed within the state or the effects have been felt within the state. Ss lotus case France suing turkey French ship collided with a Turkish steamer Took place in international waters As a result of the collision tukish seamen lost their lives The French ship sailed into turkey where the Turkish authorities arrested the captain of the French ship and the French captian was charged with involuntary manslaughter
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Unformatted text preview: When the case went to the public court of international justice, the court ruled in favor of turkey. The effects principle – the effects of the incident were felt in turkey Pan am 103 case Blew up over Lockerbie Scotland Trial was held in the Netherlands What do we take away from this case? How states use their territorial principles to assert jurisdiction. The nationality principle Bobby fisher case Chess champion State department issued a ban on us nationals from going to Yugoslavia because of the civil war He went there anyway Usa asked japan to extradite bobby fisher to usa The government of japan did not do so Bobby fisher decided to leave japan...
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