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physics lab 4 - Experiment-4 I I.I Objective(write at home...

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Experiment-4 I. Objective: (write at home) Experimental measurement of the shear modulus. I.I Theory: (write at home) Please follow the labmanual to understand: Shear modulus, (1) Fig. 1: Setup for the experiment and parameters need to find. I.II Measurements: Measure the parameters described in #2 in the labmanual at pp. 57. Table-1 Hanging Mass (unit) Angle, (Unit) ; (you may see e.g. ) ------- -------- ---- --------- Make sure you know how to get and also . Twist angle, 𝜓 6 ?𝑎𝑦 ??? ? 0 ? 12 20 ----- - Hanging mass, m= 0, 20g, 40g ------ 𝑹 𝑹 𝐿 𝑳 𝒅 𝟐 𝒓 ; 𝑭𝒊𝒏𝒅 𝒓 𝒓 d Pulley Disc Wire (1) Do you know the direction of the force applied? (2) Do you know the magnitude of the torque applied at the centre of the disc which makes the twist of the wire? (3) Do you know the direction of the torque? Think, Read at the bottom of this handout and also ask me during the demonstration.
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Fig. 2 I.III Calculation: We use the equation (1) to find: Shear modulus, Also, Do you know, why we multiply by 4 in the above error equation?
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