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SCAN0002 - Study session Chapter 1 1 Write a Lewis...

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Unformatted text preview: Study session 01/15/2008 Chapter 1 1. Write a Lewis structure for each molecule listed below. Show all valence electrons and any formal charges. CF20 CBr2|2 CH3NH3+ CH3'Li+ PH3 CHSCHZOH new! (Jaguar; mzcwm, Fannie acid mthylizmm 1.2—bumd16ne 2. Fill in the atom formal charges missing in the structures below. Note: The molecules may be charged or neutral. . 0,8th .51 a. a ' H {2' J "1 ‘3 r56: ' W, (.2, H36” ‘cm :3}: ”- mac’g‘ms Hat? CH2 ...
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