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SCAN0020 - /fi charge appears on the less electronegative...

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Unformatted text preview: //fi charge appears on the less electronegative atom. These bonds are called petar cavaient bonds. Peta? cevatent heads have a net dépele. 3‘1- at. titt't \ t?)- a: ‘r‘xci’i’f (chtD’! . -J Bond Order: Number of electron pairs bein ared by any pair of bonded atoms. 3 CUT/warm? We = Bond length and Bond Energy: A higher bond order, results in a shorter bond length and a higher bond energy. Longer bonds are weaker. lime-0W: \l/UDfld We: 1‘ Waflffifi VSEPR Theo Polari will be discussed alon with VSEPR Theo VSEPR = Valence Shell Electron Pair Repulsion Theory Linear Versus Bent (V-shaped)? H20 Square Planar, Seesaw (Distorted Tetrahedron) or Tetrahedral? XeF4 The structure around a central atom is determined by minimizing electron pair repulsions, both bonding and non-bonding electron pairs. Non—bonding electron pairs (Lone Pairs) require more room. A = central atom X = attached atom E = lone pair electrons Shape of the Molecule Structure of e' Pairs Examples AX Linear Linear H2 AX2 Linear Linear 002, HCN, BeClz AX3 Trigonal Planar Trigonal Planar 0032‘, 803, BF3 AXzE Bent or V-Shaped or Angular Trigonal Planar SnCIz Ax4 Tetrahedral Tetrahedral CH4, 8042‘, PO43' AX3E Trigonal Pyramidal Tetrahedral NH3, H30+ AX2E2 Bent or V-Shaped or Angular Tetrahedral SClz, H20, F20 AXE3 Linear Tetrahedral HCl AX5 Trigonal Bipyramidal Trigonal Bipyramidal PCl5 AX4E See-Saw Trigonal Bipyramidal SF4 AX3E2 T-Shaped Trigonal Bipyramidal C|F3 AX2E3 Linear Trigonal Bipyramidal I3' AXG Octahedral Octahedral SFe AX5E Square Pyramidal Octahedral BrF5 AX4E2 Square Planar Octahedral XeF4 ...
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