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SCAN0050 - — 1 overlaps with an sp2 orbital of the other...

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Unformatted text preview: — 1 overlaps with an sp2 orbital of the other carbon to produce a 6 bond between them. Each carbon still has one unhybridized p orbital available for bonding and side- by—side overlap of the p orbitals of adjacent carbons gives a 1: bond between them. The 1: bond is perpendicular on the plan of the 0' bonds. One 0'— and one 1: bond form a double bond. F 2.16, F 2.17, F 2.18 Hybridiza- sir:2 orbital 4 carbon atomic orbitals 9/ 31> 1 511 til/moi Ethane [Bhyien9) 5p -sp2 chant! 1! one In genera/Z, you can expect that carbon will be Sp‘» infiridz‘zed when it is; directiv handed to three atoms in a neutral molecule. sp Hybridization in HC3CH (Eth yne or Acetylene) 2.21 The sp hybridization state is derived by mixing the Zs and one of the three 2p orbitals. Two equivalent orbitals result, and they are called sp hybrid orbitals. Two of the three 2p orbitals are left unhybridized. The 2 sp orbitals are equal in energy and they share a common axis, but their major lobes are orientated at an angle of 180° to each other. Each has about the same shape as an sp3 orbital. ...
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