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SCAN0052 - Read 2.22 Theogg Read Methane and the Biosphere...

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Unformatted text preview: Read 2.22 Theogg Read Methane and the Biosphere, 9. 7g {)8 , {yflifl Alkane have general formula CnH2n+2. Methane CH4, The simples one is the most abundant ( atmosphere, ground and oceans) 75% in natural gas Ethane (C2H6 or CH3CH3) is the second most abundant (about 10% of natural 986) Propane (C3H8, CHSCHZCHS) (5% in natural gas) Methane is the lowest boiling alkane, followed by ethane and propane ( 160 0C for methane, -89 °C for ethane, -42 °C for propane). Propane is the easiest to liquefy (propane tanks) Methane is the only alkane of molecular formula CH4, ethane is the only one that is C2H6 and propane the only one that is C3H8. C4H1o constitutional isomers are possible. n-Butane has an unbranched chain. N—Butane has 2 end methyl groups (CH3) and two methylene groups (CH2) lsobutane has a branched chain. it has 3 methyl groups bonded to a methane group (CH) The two isomers have different properties (boiling and melting points). Both of these names are common names. ...
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