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SCAN0067 - ring flip M g You might find this approach...

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Unformatted text preview: ring flip M, _ g . You might find this approach helpful ifyeu have trouble placing eqmtorial substimeats at the. proper angle: Hoar same I am: the memorial band from his nag carbon? Okay: but am aims: the equatmal bone at this man? ()7 m 1} Plate the ring ember. m (piesrian at {he point of a "V for beret-zed '1‘"). m Step 1 : 2} Use Lise angie of the ring fiend; extendzng item the ends of the "V” re draw yum parallel eqeatoriaé hand. fl Step 2: ANSWER: ANSWER: -You should be able to predict and accurately draw the lowest energy conformer for monosubstituted (substituent should be in an equatorial position) and disubstituted cyclohexanes. - With disubstituted cyclohexanes, the lowest energy conformer depends upon relative configuration, i.e. cis— or trans-, and relative sizes of substituents (see class notes and handout chapter 3). It’s ofien helpful to draw both chair conformers (regular and ring-flipped) with the substituents present and then assess which conformer experiences the least 1,3-diaxial strain. ...
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