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SCAN0077 - WW.l x l ’(I(I I W3 ngCHzCHzCHchzF...

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Unformatted text preview: /\_ WW ( .l x l ’ (I; /- / / (I I W3 ngCHzCHzCHchzF H3CHCH2CH20H3 CH3CH2CHC/H2CH3 M” I i Br | '5 law M? 2-Brom3pentanc 3-Iod2pentane 1-Fluor2pentane Halogen and alkyl groups are of equal rank when it comes to numbering the chain. Number the chain in the direction that gives the lowest number to the group (halogen OEMEEET first. 7”..— 5-Chloro-2—methy1heptane 2-Chloro-5-methy1heptane 4.3 IUPAC Nomenclature of Alcohols Functional Class Nomenclature of Alcohols - Name the alkyl group and add " lcohol" as a separate word. Wways numbered beginning at the carbon t which the hydroxyl i“ H H .CH3CH20H H3c—C—Cz—Gz—CH3 ® Ethyl alcohol (IDH . 1—Methylpentyl alcohol 1 ,1-Dlmethylbutyl alcohol Substitutive Nomenclature of Alcohols Name as "alkanols. " Replace -e ending of alkane name W group- OH CH3 1 H2 H2 CH3CH20H H3C-—-C-—C —c —CH3 Ethanol OH 2-Hexanol 2-Methyl-2-pentanol ...
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