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SCAN0078 - Hydroxyl groups outrank alkyl groups when it...

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Unformatted text preview: Hydroxyl groups outrank alkyl groups when it comes to numbering the chain. Number the chain Wm_wfiwr— in the direction that gives the lowest number to the carbon that bears the OH group 0H CH3 CH3 OH 6-Methy1—3-heptanol 5-Methyl-2-heptanol 4.4 Classes of Alcohols and Alkyi Halides Alcohols and alkyl halides are classified according to their 'fdegree of substitution" as - primary M - secondary - tertiary Degree of substitution is determined by counting the number of carbon attains directly attached to the carbon that bears the halogen or hydroxyl group. ' CI l l 7- ?. . CH3CH2CH2CH 2F OH 0H CH3 primary alkyl halide secondary alcohol secondary alkyl halide tertiary alcohol Read 4.5 Bonding in Alcohols and Alkyi Halides Dipole Moments alcohols and alkyl halides are polar. Carbon is the positive end of the WW dipole and halogens or oxygen the negative end. 5+ N H”\ 5 H H \ng—d/ H\\g+ & —-—c; H/‘l'_—> H/-I——> u=1.7D u=1.9D ...
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