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SCAN0101 - Consider the isomeric alkenes of molecular...

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Unformatted text preview: Consider the isomeric alkenes of molecular formula C4Hg H CH, CH ch H H C CH H C H \C C/ 2 3 \Cr‘C/ 3 \Q‘fic/ 3 3 \C (31/ /" / x / "\ / \_ H H H36 H H H H CH3 1’Butene 2=Methylpropene cis=2=Butene trans=2=Butene 1 2 3 4 1,2,3 are constitutional isomers 1,2,4 are constitutional isomers 3, 4 are stereoisomers Ster eochemical Notation cis (identical or analogous substitutents on same side) trans (identical or analogous substituents on opposite sides) 0 O O O cis trans Interconversion of stereoisomeric alkenes does not normally occur. Requires that 1: component of double bond be broken. 5.4 Naming Stero'someric Alkenes by the E-Z Notational System Cis and trans stereochemical notation is useful when substituents are identical or analogous (oleic acid has a cis double bond). Cis and trans notation is ambiguous when analogies are not obvious. CH CH? CH CH (CH @07H 3( )5 2\ / 2 2% ., /Q=C\H Oleie acid \ fr Cg: \ . F What is needed: 1) systematic body of rules for ranking substituents 2) new set of stereoehemical symbols other than cisand trans ...
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