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SCAN0008 - (Sheila said'igure 1"'i 21 Cholic Acid —...

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Unformatted text preview: (Sheila said 'igure 1". 'i 21) Cholic Acid —- 2048 stereoisomers: 1 Bio , . F7.11 Amino Acids — Natural have S config. FlG HZNJOH \© \ OH E 2 "Ill 0 O I MINI (S)-Alanine (S)—Pheny|alanine (S)—Serine (L-Alanine) (L—Phenylalanine) (L-Serine) Chiral Drugs p. 296, FIGS (S)—|buprofen — sold as a mixture of R and S Dopamine — Parkinson’s: enzymatic decarboxylation only H, (L), (8) form L—DOPA: prodrug COZH (—)—levorphanol: narcotic analgesic (+)-dextrophan: not analgesic, cough suppressant ADA methyl ether, HBr salt: dextromethorphane bromide Penicillin V — enantiomer has no bioactivity Celexacom racemate $79.99/month Lexapro.com (S)-(+), 10mg/day z 40mg/day celexa no detectable side effects $75.76/month Stereoregular Polymers 7. 15, F7. 1 6 Polymers, such as polypropylene, are often classified by the relative stereochemistry of the side-chains along the polymer backbone. The major classes of stereochemistry are: atactic, isotactic, and syndiotactic ...
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