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SCAN0010 - Mechanism Rate Lew Stenochemisgļ¬‚ A 3N1 r'fateĀ...

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Unformatted text preview: Mechanism Rate Lew Stenochemisgļ¬‚ A) 3N1 r'fateĀ»: k [(S)ā€”2 ~bromobutane] not stereospeeiļ¬c, but more inversion than retention of conļ¬guration B) $N1 rate a k [(S)s2~bromobutane][l\IaSCH3] stereospeciļ¬‚c, retention of configuration (3) 3N2 rate :- ); [(S)-2abromobutane] not stereospeciļ¬e. but more inversion hhhhh 7ā€˜ than retention of ā€˜1 \ eonļ¬ uration ā€˜/,./ 5 ā€˜ M / _____ 1ā€œā€œ ā€œMMā€œ """"""""""""""""""""" / D) 3N2 rate = k {(S) 2~bromobutane}WaSCH3] stereospeeiļ¬e, \\ inversion of 1ā€˜ conļ¬guration / \\ā€”ā€”ā€”ā€”ā€”ā€”ā€˜N\\N~h ļ¬‚Ā» .- mw' Afrā€”ā€(M ...... / Mechanism: 7. (5 pts) Draw a detailed mechanism that accounts for the formation of the following product. NaOCH3 Br OH i O CH3OH Reactions: 8. (30 pts) For each reaction below, provide the missing product(s). Only the organic product(s) need to be provided. Where required, indicate mechanism type ...
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