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SCAN0012 - >{Tl CM(1m Wants M[R{120ml Cyclohexanol from...

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Unformatted text preview: > / \, {Tl CM (1m Wants M [R @ . {120ml Cyclohexanol from 5:5ng C clohexene y rs: Dish“ gaud— l l _J— 3 90 ,I'QJQ/ nCan do distillation in 100mL flask (pg. 89) :IDo m1 transfer to 250 rbf — add boiling stones égkfmé uPut distilled water in the separatory funnel and TM? ‘ ‘\/ L add slowly as needed to maintain level in still OMdJV (just like clove distillation). ,0 Created by Jackie Jurchenko IE0 3 [ m5 Overall Reaction [a w; WW @ Of Cyclohexene Cyclohexanol (alkene) (alcohol) ...
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