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Chapter 13: HW problem set 12 Atomic structure, atomic spectra (2 points each) Name: Date: 1. How many orbitals are there in a shell n=4 and what is their designation? 2. If l=3 what m l values are permitted? 3. Calculate the probability density for 2s - electron to be at the nucleus ( r=0) . The wave function is as follows: o a r Z e r a Z a Z r 2 / 0 2 / 3 0 2 / 1 ) 2 ( 8 1 4 1 ) , , 0 ( 4. Which of the following transitions are allowed in the normal electronic emission spectrum of an atom? Circle
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Unformatted text preview: the correct answer and please explain what selection rule apply. 5s 2s allowed/forbidden 5p 3s allowed/forbidden 6p 4f allowed/forbidden 5. Write the electronic configuration of Zirconium 2+ ion. What are the possible values of the total spin quantum numbers S and M s for this ion?...
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