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Chapter 14: HW problem set 13 Chemical bond Name: Date: 1. (2 points) Explain in full sentences which atomic configuration can not have a triplet spin state? a) 1s 2s b) 2s 2 c) 2p 2 d) 1s3d 2. (5 points) a) Write down the molecular orbital configurations, sketch the molecular orbital diagrams for molecules and ions: N 2 N 2 + N 2 - . b) Order molecules and ions N
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Unformatted text preview: 2 , N 2 + ,N 2-by the increasing bond length, Explain your reasoning. c) Order molecules and ions N 2 , N 2 + ,N 2-by the increasing bond strength, Explain your reasoning. 3. (3 points) Using the valence bond theory predict the shape of the following molecules. Sketch the ball-stick model. a) CS 2 b) SO 2 c) PCl 3 C 6 H 6...
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