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SCAN0023 - KN Why is the endo product preferred The endo...

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Unformatted text preview: KN Why is the endo product preferred? The endo product comes from the more sterically hindered transition state, which normally would make it the minor product. .5? a. Ends: lama stats Em iransfiiun state To understand the endo preference we have to consider the orbital overlap during this reaction. Primary orbital interaclions (where bonding will ecu-w) Sammy orbital i interactions Transition state Diets/alder adduct lb) smear" 2m.» wivfi‘bfiy W1 3,”. m; Diels-Alder reaction is very important in synthesis. It allows the formation of two new carbon- carbon bonds in a single operation and requires no reagents. Its mechanism is best understood on the basis of molecular orbital approach. To understand this approach we need to take a more detailed look at the n - orbitals of alkenes and dienes. Suggested problems from chapter 10. ‘ 10.19, 10.22, 10.24, 10.25, 10.26, 10.28, 10.32, 10.33, 10.35, 10.37, 10.38 ...
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