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SCAN0028 - VAX ll PROBLEMS In this section you must show...

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Unformatted text preview: VAX ll. PROBLEMS In this section, you must show ALL your work NEATLY, using correct units and correct number of significant figures. If you do not show ALL . _ your work, or if I cannot read your work, you will lose all points. (15 pts) (1) In a 1.50-L vessel, 0.0945 mo] of Br; was heated, causing the following reaction to take place: Br (g) = 2 Br (g) 1 ,6 by \X , t 9% The reaction K6 is 1.10 E — 3. Calculate [Brz] and [Br] at equilibrium. [ Note 1: Pay careful attention to significant figures. Note 2: No sim lif in assum tions will work here. Solvin a uadratic : br Z e uation is nec:s_sar t solvin the roblem.] Q if: gig-1““ : wwtba Tillie): Lag / s5; ngEhgvéiGQSL: ng (ode—M) ,, sax/,2 “9x3 -41 u :33”; Ms @— l .‘\ E '5 V + L, ,Q 33 "5-? O DID YOU SHOW ALL YOUR WORK? ...
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