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SCAN0002 - Sample Problem Here‘s a pretty typical example...

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Unformatted text preview: Sample Problem: Here‘s a pretty typical example of the type of NMR problem you will encounter. Problem: Find the structure of an unknown compound of molecular formula CgH12, using its 1H NMR spectum and its IR spectrum. 1H NMR Spectrum: Emit} E 559;? Start by gathering the six clues, one at a timer Clue 1. Determine the degrees of unsaturation. This is easy. Just plug the formula C9H12 into the equation for degrees of unsaturation: Degrees of Unsaturation = [((# of Carbons x 2)+2) - # of Hydrogens]/2. [((9 x 2)+2) — 121/2 = [20-121/2 = 4. ...
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