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Ozone: Capstone Activity Capstone Activity Nitrogen Oxide Calculator You have already analyzed your emissions of smog-forming compounds from your vehicle, but it's important to realize that this is not your only contribution of these pollutants. Nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons are also released by coal-fired power plants, natural gas combustion, gas-powered lawnmowers, and other sources. In the Capstone Activity for this module, you will be analyzing your nitrogen oxide emissions from these sources, combining them with your vehicle's emissions, and estimating your total emissions of smog-forming NOx. We will have you determine the nitrogen oxide emissions from a variety of sources. To do this, use our Online Nitrogen Oxide Calculator . Online Nitrogen Oxide Calculator: 1. Enter the emissions from driving from the Personal Ozone Impacts activity http://esa21.kennesaw.edu/activities/smog-cars/smog-cars.pdf ). 2. Enter your values for the listed factors, and obtain your total emissions.
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ozone-cap-online - Ozone: Capstone Activity Capstone...

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