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SCAN0003 - C2 0 hydrogenation is stereoselective...

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Unformatted text preview: C2) 0 hydrogenation is stereoselective, corresponding to addition to less crowded face of double bond Top face of double bond blocked by this methyl group X '1 CH3 HBC ; H . Hr, Pt H ——‘3—-——> H H3C H c l 3 H H2 adds to bottom face of double bond only this product forms 60 W‘MVWVS W Both products correspond to syn addition of H2 copyrigmo m Mflflwfilli Emerges, w. F’mlsm mulled Ior remained,» or display. Step 1: Hydrogen molecules react with Step 2: The :11ch reacts with the metal metal atoms at the caialyst surface catalyst, The 1: compouem of the double The relatively strong hydrogen—hydrogen a bond between the two carbons is replaced ' btmd is broken and replaced by two weak by two relatively weak carbonmmetal 6 bonds. metal—hydrogen bonds, Step 3; A hydrogen atom is transferred Step 4: The second hydrogen atom is transferred, from the catalyst surface to one of rho forming the alkane, The sites on the catalyst carbons of the double bond, surface a: which the reaction weaned are free to accept additional hydrogen and alksne molecules Problem : What three alkenes yield 2—methylbutane on catalytic hydrogenation? fl 4 C «(L lauds C'EL- 07¢, CR3 /</ ...
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