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SCAN0015 - H30 02H5 H30 C2H5 A:J Le/C...

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Unformatted text preview: H30 02H5 H30 C2H5 A \:J Le \_ /C \ ———-———> /c-—-o + 0:0 H 0sz 2. Zn,H20 H 0sz When using KMnO4, KOH, H20 A as oxidizing agent alkenes will be oxidized all the way to carboxylic acids KW H R-COZH) kl \__£._LL§ /O /O \ 6,20: KO H ‘ " CK mo \ 4' Read 6.21 (2 Oil \@ *fi‘ PolymerizationCSf’Q/W> 7' 6.22 M6.1’2‘;T6.5 ' Monomer, Polymer, repeat unit end group: PVC E: LDPE: soft: bags, chewing-gum HDPE: hard: pipe, squeeze bottles, oontaine rs lb PP: cars, food, clothes Q Polysty rene: insulation , Solom cups PVC: imitation leather (“vinyl ”), pipe, hose, floor TFE PTFE: Teflon: “nonstick ” PMMA: Plexiglas m 3. Read Eth lene and Pro e e warm ...
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