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Stat 4120 Spring 2011 Take-Home Assignment 1 Answer all of the following questions clearly and completely. While I like to see SAS code and computer output when it is an important part of the answer, do not turn code or printout that you do not refer to. Be sure to perform the usual residual analysis. Each part of each question is worth three points and is graded according to the rubric contained in the syllabus. This assignment is due on Wednesday, February 9. 1: Do exercise 2.11 on page 37 of the textbook. Hint : If you find the correct F-value, the P-value will be 0.0101. 2: Do exercise 2.18 on page 39 of the textbook. In part (c) in the question, use Tukey’s procedure for pairwise comparisons, as usual, but do not use Scheffé’s method for pairwise comparisons. Use Scheffé’s method to test the contrast: H 0 : μ 0.3 + μ 0.4 2 = μ 0.5 + μ 0.6 2 versus H A : μ 0.3 + μ 0.4 2 μ 0.5 + μ 0.6 2 Do not attempt to correct any problems you might find with the residuals, but comment
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