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SCAN0009 - (18 Consider the compounds methanamine CHgNHz...

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Unformatted text preview: (18) Consider the compounds methanamine, CHgNHz, and l-hexanainine, CH3(CH2)5NH2 . The one which is more soluble in water is a. methanamine b. l-hexanamine (19) Which of the following gives the most concentrated solution? a. KNO3 in water b. KNO3 in (CL; C. KNO3 in heptane, (37ng (20) Under which of the following conditions is argon gas most soluble in water? a. 298 K with PAr = 0.3 atm above the water b. 328 K with PAr = 0.2 atm above the water e. 298 K with P Ar = 0.2 atm above the water (1. 328 K with P Ar = 03 atm above the water (21) When a solution is heated, which of the following ways of expressing concentration will change in value? a. mass/mass % (peicent by mass) PM” WU “570 b. molality moi Ogalwm/ it?“ g) 0% c. mole fraction Wish ,e’ tau {3 93% d.molarity meu gains“?! L fl- { (22) If complete dissociation is assumed, what is the van t Heft factor ofNa3PO4 in water? 3.8 b. 4 c.. u.) 9* if») e.l (23) How many moles of solute particles are present in 0.50 L of 0.30 M ethanol.) C2H5OH? a. 0.030 h. 17 0. 0.0075 ...
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