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SCAN0013 - 11 Problems Instructions You must Show ALL your...

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Unformatted text preview: 11. Problems Instructions: You must Show ALL your work NEA TLY use correct units throughout, and report your answer to the correct number ofsignificantfigures. You cannot just write down an answer. If I see no evidence of work, or if I cannot read your work, you will receive NO CREDI T for the problem. ‘G ’I (1) An aqueous solution of sulfuric c id (H2804), has X sulmc acid = 0.01890. (Recall that “X su; ‘ acid” refers o the mole fraction of sulfuric acid in the solution.) The density of this s ution is .0645 'g ' ml ‘1 . Find the molarity in H2804 of this solution. \lVL :. 0 .w _ D 7“" %\l“\\, w: m0\5 SOUUEE; P: N» L :33wa Q‘ \ 2+ 952 0* {low} ...
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