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SCAN0011 - em Climabenzene Ethylherzene number of benzene...

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Unformatted text preview: @ em \ // Climabenzene Ethylherzene / number of benzene derivatives have historical names that are widely used. coeeE’e Toluene Phenoi Amine Benzoic Am'sola \Qeflrglbenzene Hydmxybereene Amimbenzene Acid eetoghm mMe‘thoxyb enzerse f Disubsituted Benzenes a, ’1‘ CH3 Bazf‘f 1 \ it “x, t} ””2 l 1 2- Dibmmabmene 3~Bromtaluem 4.Arrfimbenzoie acts: oDihmgmhenzene m‘Br ene pAmi it: acirs k y meta para ‘ y V._A— “fly x Mme/"ll! C6H5CH2 as a substituent: benzyl— (Bn-) m Benzytamine The 0, m, and p prefixes are not used whe three or more substituents are present on benzene; numerical locants must be used instead . F L9 3 C6H5 as substituent: phenyl- (Ph-) T’\ $phen3dpentane Other common aro , Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons: «kaLoM/tasa Naphthalene Anthracene Phenanthrene 43‘ e: ‘9‘ VII. Reactions of Arenes 2 types of reactions: r\_ 1. Reactions involving the functional unit that is attached to the ring 2. Reactions involving the ring itself (chapter 12) ...
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