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Intellectual Property in Hong Kong This material is taken from “Intellectual Property in Hong Kong” © 2004 and is used with the permission of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. http://www.info.gov.hk/ipd/eng/information/publication/ip/iphk_e.pdf Contents Introduction Intellectual Property Protection in Hong Kong Intellectual Property Law Trade Marks Patents Copyright Registered Designs Layout-Design (Topography) of Integrated Circuits Plant Varieties Protection Intellectual Property Department Introduction Why is Intellectual Property Protection Important? Protection of intellectual property rights protects creativity. The efforts of writers, artists, designers, software programmers, inventors and other talents need to be protected so as in order to create an environment where creativity can flourish and hard work can be rewarded. Hong Kong is a creative place. Our film production, television production, sound recordings production, publications, fashion and jewellery design and graphical design and production skills are known world-wide and enjoy a ready market overseas. Hong Kong is an international trading centre, we need to provide the necessary intellectual property rights protection to our investors to assure them of a free and fair environment in which to do business. Thus it is in our very interest to protect intellectual property rights. What is protected? Not all ideas, inventions or creations are protected. For example, to balance the interest of intellectual property rights owners and the society as a whole, while a pharmaceutical invention may be protected by patent registration, a special medical treatment of a disease is not protected. Also the incorporation of a famous cartoon character into a commercial is illegal. The shade part of the picture briefly illustrate what is protected and what is not. 1
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Intellectual Property Protection in Hong Kong Our Commitment The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR) attaches great weight to the contribution that the creation of intellectual property makes to the economy. We have been involved in an on-going effort to ensure that Hong Kong people and overseas investors in Hong Kong can be assured of intellectual property protection as good as and even better than in any other economy in the world. Basic Law and Intellectual Property Rights Recognising the importance of intellectual property protection in the Hong Kong SAR, Hong Kong’s mini-constitution - the Basic Law - specifically provides in Articles 139 and 140 that the Hong Kong SAR should on its own develop appropriate policies and afford legal protection for intellectual property rights. Against this background, we have developed a new body of intellectual property law
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293766218 - Intellectual Property in Hong Kong This...

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