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Continuing Cookie Chronicle CCC1 Natalie Koebel spent much of her childhood learning the art of cookie-making from her grandmother. They spent many happy hours mastering every type of cookie imaginable and later devised new recipes that were both healthy and delicious. Now at the start of her second year in college, Natalie is investigating possibilities for starting her own business as part of the entrepreneurship program in which she is enrolled. A long-time friend insists that Natalie has to include cookies in her business plan. After a series of brainstorming sessions, Natalie settles on the idea of operating a cookie-making school. She will start on a part-time basis and offer her services in people’s homes. Now that she has started thinking about it, the possibilities seem endless. During the fall, she will concentrate on holiday cookies. She will offer group sessions (which will probably be more entertainment than education) and individual lessons. Natalie also decides to include children in her target market. The first difficult decision is coming up with the perfect name for her business. She settles on “Cookie Creations,” and then moves on to more important issues. Instructions (a) What form of business organization—proprietorship, partnership, or corporation— do you recommend that Natalie use for her business? Discuss the benefits and weak- nesses of each form that Natalie might consider. Proprietorship - sole – business owned by one person that gives the owner control over th business. Good model for small business Partnership – A business owned by tow or more person associated as partners. Corporation – A business organized as a separate legal entity having ownership divided into transferable shares of stock. A sole proprietorship is a good model for a small business owner. This model gives the sole owner control
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Continuing Cookie Chronicle ch1 - 1 Continuing Cookie...

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