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EXPERIMENT #5: HYDRAULIC CONDUCTIVITY Lab Report Prepared By: Kristin A. Norville and Gino Liu Partners: Kristin Norville, Gino Liu, Zach Barrett, Thomas Rice CE 383: Geotechnical Engineering I October 5, 2005 1
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PROCEDURE: Constant Head Test 1. measure the mass of the flask 2. make sure the water is running through the specimen and out from the tube, and that the water level remains constant. 3. remove the air bubbles in the tube and specimen 4. measure the height of the specimen 5. record the time it takes to collect approximately 25mL of water 6. measure the mass of the flask with water 7. repeat step 4, 5 and 6 three times 8. calculate the average value of k 1,ave. for h 1 9. move the funnel up or down to change the head at the top of the specimen to h2, and repeat steps 4 through 8 10. repeat step 9 for a third gradient 11. measure the temperature of the water 12. calculate the hydraulic conductivity of the sand by averaging k 1,avg .,k 2,avg.
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