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Kareem Moasis A07240833 2/24/2011 COMMENSAL BACTERIA PLAY A ROLE IN MATING PREFERENCE OF DROSPHILA HOMEWORK 2 1. The purpose of experiment 3 was to determine whether or not positive assortative mating was a result of bacteria associating with the starch or CMY media. The question that is being asked is whether or not preferential mating is actually a result of the the bacteria (microbiota) growing on the fly media. Experiment 3 confirmed this hypothesis by obtaining microbiota from the fly media and infecting the flies. After infecting the flies with the microbiota, the analytical data suggested that the symbiotic bacteria did in fact influence the mating preference of the flies by altering their sex pheromones. 2. Viable counts refers to the measurement of the concentration of the live cells in the bacterial population. These data were collected by firstly isolating the bacteria on Brain-Heart-Infusion (BHI) and de Man-Rogosa-Sharpe media. The flies were then serially diluted and plated on BHI
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