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Bacteriology - Test1 - Page 2

Bacteriology - Test1 - Page 2 - a A scanning electron...

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Unformatted text preview: } a) A scanning electron microscope (SEM) is usnfly used i'orrevealing A) internal cell Smjflurfis B) sections through a call C) the cell cytoskeleton and membranes living cells and fissoes ' E urfiace shapes and structures 9) How many domajm oflifa include cells shat lack a membrane-bound nucleus? @2 .PVCCI‘AEL-ldo’k/ W on as D)l E)? 10) Which offlle following is NOT tme aboutapure culture? A) it was probably olmfl' d as an isolaled colony Earn a plate culture J E) ii is a clone ofcells C) it stoned as a single cell a! the cells are genetically identical J 1 must he gmwooo a synthm’c ordefined medium 11) Which type ofmicmscupy mule; in the whole specimen appealing ‘ght in a dad: backgmund? A) Phasesonu‘nsl mimoscopy 1-1 maybe B) Diffemrm'al interference conmat{D1C) microscopy C) Fluorescence microscopy .7 Brigh—field microscopy E k—field microscopy 12} Which oflhe following 15 NOT con—em? A) spin-ills are helical cells B) diploconci are pairs of spherical cells C) siephylcmnei are a Sodom“, mllection of spheriml cells D) firepiococci are chains of spherical cells E) bacilli are nod-like cells 13) Microbialogist study all nfthe folloun‘ng except A) Fungi B) Viruses Bacteria ) ‘ glosperms Eldon-games 14) In a study afthe wulufion of resistance to bacteriophage, you have isolated bannedal mmams that are much more easily altered in these mutants? A) capsule B) lysozyme C) mycelimn D) 111esosome E‘) inclusion bodies infected. What smwtune or cellular component is the most likely to be 7/ ...
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