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Bacteriology - Test1 - Page 4

Bacteriology - Test1 - Page 4 - 21 The discovery...

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Unformatted text preview: 21) The discovery efmimomgnnisms resulted {mm what technological advance? A) Koch‘s poetulnm development ofthe optical miL-msoope @agm-based solid media } discovery oflhe wave propcm'es nfelectmus and transmission electron microscopy (TEM) “ E) develupmem of advanced glass-bluwing DEshniqueS 22) In an effmm uudememd (he metabolism ufanewly discovered bamerium, you have collected glanules nfnmterlal from the cytoplasm by differenual cenu'jfugatiun. What should NOT be in year samples? A) carbuxysomes B) lywsnmes C) magneiusumes D) glycogen granules E) inclusion bodies 23) Which ofthe fulluwing isJaIe pan ofpepridoglycan? A) a chain of fourteen Lamina acids B) a polysaccharide made of chitin C) 0 antigen D)tl1e alternating sugars NAM and NAG -- E) none affine above 24) T h jar memenum'ems for microorganisms are A , 0, H, and N. B} C, O; N, Fe, Ind Zn. C) C, 0, H, N, Fe, Zn, and Cu. D) c, 0, andH unly. E) C and Cl enlyl 25) In a hypowmc envimnmmt, there is (i _ solu'oe oulside at the cell than inside the cell, which resulxs in a net movement ufwalez [ii the Dell 26) i are expected to grow in the refrigerator, while must bacteria that infect humans are in IL) A) more am of B) less intu C) mere inn: D) less out of E) equal into classified as _jfi)_. m A) mermophiles B) mesophiles C) mophiles D) psychmphiles E) psychmphiles m mesophiles psyciuuphiles fliermuphilas thermophilea mmphiles ...
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