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img038 - WWMMHWWWWWWIMWMM v3 6(15{113 You need to analyze...

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Unformatted text preview: WWMMHWWWWWWIMWMM v3 6 (15 {113) You need to analyze the lblluwing compcunds hy TLC (sec ' ruclum below). Based on your uxpcricncc you need to predict the Iulmive R; value. Which of tin: compounds will have a higher Rf value and why? UM: chemical structures {0 support your answer. (No credit for a guess without support) 7, (25 pl.) Circle [he conccl answer; actional distillation the lcmpcralure of lhe solution I change until the first component is completely removed. . Invmwly proportional to the temperature of the vapors. Constantly increasing 11-1. \onc ol the show. ll. Compound A has a Inwcr Rf value than compound B therefore when the compounds are separated by column chromamgraph: ll l HO Mompounfl A will name first, followed hy compound is .(‘nmpvund B will come first, folluwcd by compound A. H0 ”The nrder will be dependent cm the particle size of the silica gel. A B ’ e order will be dependent on the flow rate ol'tiic eluenL ’ ( Q III A compound that has a cyano group (RVCN) is likely to him: nu TR absorption peak ,3 , 31 A 3M 6 W 4‘ W )M} if)" K EL 1234 cm“ »l I ‘ 3" . 1423 emf l) : 3"; f4 WMM ij’fj A ‘34 H 2l34 ”“4 V ‘“ \ Kl! 3421 cm IV. Dry loading is used when, - mind hf interest has a lower Rf! ( l "flu: mmpaund is soluble only in a solvcnuhat is less polar then the sluem Iii-ill Mal lll‘lgllfiq 01:1": Fulfill Wllvx = 1' _. Wm}; am kill! fiend MW lW 03.33333: 33in 33,333 am W \lo‘llkl‘l Cuqlmifi7 CmVMSJi W5 will W‘Al WA???“ JJéimC/ Al Avail {313 / V. ”130; in Fishmestcrificafinn : /,/ al catalyze the back reaciiuny \ Lawer the activaxiou energy. / . w Forming complex with water.‘ 3 ‘ l" @All the above. ...
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