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Principles of Economics W1105x Fall 2009 Sunil Gulati Final Exam Information The Final Exam will be given as follows: December 19 7:10-10:00 PM 501 SCH Alternate Exam December 21 1:10- 4:00 PM 501 SCH Regular Exam You will have to indicate your preferred exam date in class on Monday, December 7. You must bring your Columbia ID to the Final Exam. Do not be late. Format: The Final will be cumulative although the emphasis will be on the second half of the semester. As a rough approximation, the exam will be 70% macro and 30% micro. All assigned readings (textbook and handouts), lectures and lab sessions are fair game. From Hubbard/O’Brien, the following chapters are included: (with what I consider to be “core” chapters underlined in bold print): Intro & Supply/Demand Chapters: 1, 2, 3, 4 Micro Chapters (to Mid-Term): 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11 , 12, 13, 14 Macro Chapters (post Mid-Term): 19 , 20, 23 , 24, 25 , 26 , 27 , 28, International Finance Chapters: 29, 30 For Chapter 24, only pages 810-827. You should review Chapter 28 “lightly.” The exam is likely to include (i) multiple choice, (ii) identification or true/false with explanation (perhaps both) and (iii) essays/problems. It is likely that most students will need the full three hours. The exam is closed book/no notes/no calculators. Previous Exams : The following Final Exams are provided for your review: Final Exam Fall 2007 (w/partial solutions) Final Exam Spring 2008 (w/partial solutions) Final Exam Fall 2008 (w/partial solutions) Final Exam Spring 2009 (w/partial solutions) In some cases, the solutions provided are very brief and obviously would need to be expounded upon in an exam format (especially essay type questions). A few questions are highlighted in yellow; you should not concern yourself with these questions as we have not directly covered them this term. Review Sessions : will be held as follows: Sunday December 13 (2:00-5:00PM) M.C. Questions (clickers needed) 501 SCH Tuesday December 15 (4:00-6:00PM) Basic Course Overview 501 SCH Office Hours : The TAs will hold their regularly scheduled office hours (see syllabus) during reading period and exam week. In a couple of instances where a conflict arises, a substitute TA will be available. Disability Services : Students who have been granted accommodations by the Office of Disability Services must ensure they are registered to take the exam at ODS on December 21 (this requires a form which is signed by the instructor).
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Principles of Economics…..Final Exam…..SK Gulati…..Fall 2007…..December 18, 2007…………...1 MULTIPLE CHOICE: Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question and write the corresponding letter on your answer sheet. Figure 1
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