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Unformatted text preview: Lectures 10 Lectures 10 Basic Concepts 1 Basic Concepts 1 A set is any collection of objects, considered as a single abstract object. (p. 154) Membership Extensionality Ways of denoting sets 1. 2. listing defining condition Russell’s Paradox (1901?) Russell’s Paradox (1901?) Bertrand Russell (1872­1970) Basic Concepts 2 Basic Concepts 2 Subsets Intersections Unions Relative complement 〈P(X), ∩,∪,­,⊆〉 as a model of PL Basic Concepts 3 Basic Concepts 3 Cartesian products Relations Functions 1. 2. “one to one” “onto” Equinumerous sets Cantor’s theorem Cantor’s theorem Georg Cantor (1845­1918) ...
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