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Ethics and Social Responsibility- Ch. 5- “Do well by doing good”- Ben Franklin Ethics are standards of moral behavior that is accepted by society. They go beyond legality. Standards are fundamental. Is it legal? Is it balanced? (Would I want to be treated in this way) How will it make me feel about myself? Top US ethical issues include improper accounting practices, deceptive marketing, conflicts of interest, dishonesty with customers, bribes, unfair treatment of employees, bank fraud, discrimination and last, producing unsafe products. Ways to prevent unethical behavior include increasing penalties for offenders, employee education programs, code of conduct, and new laws. Most popular ways to monitor employees are the internet, background exams, and videotapes. Note- Health care provides are the highest privacy protectors with grocery stores being the lowest. Democrats have the highest privacy protection score. Code of Ethics-
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Unformatted text preview: Compliance based (Standards that emphasize preventing unlawful behavior by increasing control and penalizing wrongdoers) Integrity based (Standards that define the organizations guiding values, creating an environment that supports sound behavior and shared accountability; Ben and Jerrys) Corporate social responsibility- Businesss concern for the welfare of society through philanthrophy, initiatives, responsibility, and policy. . Social audit- A systematic evaluation of an organizations progress towards implementing socially responsible program. Outside groups serve as watchdogs. In addition, investors, environmentalists, union officials, and customers keep businesses in line. Best company reputation- Johnson and Johnson, Coca Cola, Google, UPS. In 2007, General Electric and Toyota were the two most admired companies in the US. Now they arent because ethical standards must stay constant....
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