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COMM1800entreprenuership - Entrepreneurship is accepting...

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Entrepreneurship is accepting the risk of starting and running a business. The entrepreneur can recognize an opportunity that others might not see, knows what to do and is able to do something about it, and is willing to take the risks of doing something (either for opportunity, profit, independence or challenge). An entrepreneur must be self directed, self nurturing (belief in your idea), action oriented, highly energetic, and tolerant of uncertainty. Ways to become a entrepreneur include start a company, buy a company, buy or spin off assets from one company to start another, create a new product or business at an existing company. (intrapreniership; within corporations) Misconceptions about entreprenuership include that it is easy (higher failure rate), it only takes a great idea (also need resources, funding), and it is only found in small businesses. Mary Kay Ash quote (founder of Mary Kay cosmetics), Apple (1976; Cupertino), Microsoft (1978; Albequerque), Dell (1984; Austin), Nordstrom (1901; Seattle), Starbucks (1971; Seattle), Ben and Jerry’s (1978; VT) Enterprise zones are specific geographic areas which governments try to attract private
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