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Rawls has two independent views; formal/contractualist- decisions in the original position and informal/intuitive- fairness and justice in society. Utilitarianism is rejected at the formal level because no one would choose it in the original position and also rejected intuitively because it requires that some individuals need to make sacrifices for the ‘calculus of social interests’ which is unjust. Difference principle is defended at the formal level because it is a result of the original position and the informal because it is required to prevent factors arbitrary from a moral point of views. Thus there are 4 ways in which his arguments might go astray: Formal- There might be a better option to look at things than the original position or other principles such as utilitarianism may be favored. Intuitive - The portrait of the original position may not coincide with our own intuitions about justice. The relevance of specific intuitions about justice may be questioned to see if they really do fit together in a single scheme. Other criticisms of Rawls-
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