Help with the use of The Prokaryotes

Help with the use of The Prokaryotes - Firmicutes You will...

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Help with the use of The Prokaryotes: This huge resource is divided into section based upon the classification scheme that you can find in Appendix C in your text book. The easiest way to find the info you seek for your organisms is to determine the phylum where your organism would be classified ( See Bauman, chapter 10 and Text Appendix C, OR refer to your sequence data from the rDNA analysis!) go to the Prokaryotes link and look for the chapter that includes this phylum Example You are looking for Listeria moncytogenes Phylum:
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Unformatted text preview: Firmicutes You will find that there are two volumes that contain this Phylum: The Prokaryotes Volume 3: Archaea. Bacteria: Firmicutes, Actinomycetes Use the search tool FIND Listeria within this book No matches are found The Prokaryotes Volume 4: Bacteria: Firmicutes, Cyanobacteria Use the search tool FIND Listeria within this book Link to : Chapter Listeria monocytogenes and the Genus Listeria NOW go to the chapter links on the left sidebar to open the complete chapter in pdf, html or to export to your desktop....
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