PHENOTYPIC DATA - 8.Lactose Fermention MacConkey Colorless...

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PHENOTYPIC DATA (Paste charts into Wiki. Include reports for 3 organisms: Pheno1, Pheno2 and Pheno3) TABLE 1: Results from phenotypic analysis of Organism H Test Data from study of your isolate Interpretatio n of data Comment 1.Colony characteristics on TSA Circular, flat, white 2.Simple stain – shape/arrangement Rods 3.Gram Stain Pink Gram - 4.Endospore Stain Pink No endospores present This organism does not sporulate 5.Motility Distribution Motile This organism is motile by some form of flagella 6.Hemolysis on Blood agar +++ (beta/alpha ) Mixed results between beta/ alpha Organism can reduce number of blood cells, with possible capability of true lysis 7.Growth on MacConkey +++ Confirms Gram - Growth was not inhibited by bile salts and crystal violet
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Unformatted text preview: 8.Lactose Fermention/ MacConkey Colorless, slightly pink around edges Lactose fermentation Indication of pH change of media 9.Growth characteristics: Temperature Optimal 30-37 C Mesophile 10.Growth characteristics: Oxygen requirement TBD 11.Growth characteristics: Salt tolerance Very little at 7.5% Not salt tolerant 12.Growth characteristics: Minimal media with glucose ++ Glucose as an energy source Use of glycolysis 13.Growth characteristics: Blue media Growth of organism Citrate as an energy source Simmons citrate 14.Fermentation; Glucose TBD 15.Fermentation: Lactose TBD 16.Fermentation: Mannitol TBD 17.Oxidase test + Presence of catalase Organism can break down toxic products of oxygen 18.Catalase test...
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PHENOTYPIC DATA - 8.Lactose Fermention MacConkey Colorless...

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