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TABLE 1: Results from rDNA Analysis for Organism A Organism Name: S_ab score Domain Family Genus Species 1.00 Bacteria Bacilli Bacillus Bacillus cereus Phylogenic Report for Bacillus cereus TABLE 2: Background information relevant to organism A revealed from library research Topics/ Questions Pertinent Information Source of Information BSL level required when working with the organism: BSL-1 Is it likely that this organism will cause infectious disease? Yes: food poisoning in humans “The Prokaryotes” Temperature requirements for optimal growth: Term to describe this organism with respect to temperature requirements: Optimal growth: between 30°C and 40°C “The Prokaryotes” Media that best supports the growth of this organism: Agar that contains egg yolk “The Prokaryotes” Colony morphology on a complex media such as trypticase soy agar Large, rough, flat, irregular, whitish “Bergey's Manual” Microscopic characteristics (cell shape and arrangement) Rod shaped (1.0 um wide or wider) “The Prokaryotes”
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Unformatted text preview: Gram reaction? Gram- Positive “Bergey's Manual” Oxygen requirements: Describe this organism with respect to oxygen requirements Aerobic or facultative anaerobic “Bergey's Manual” Term to describe metabolism: Chemolithotroph “The Prokaryotes” Metabolic pathways used by this organism: Oxygen as a terminal electron accepter, glycolysis and the Krebs cycle Preferred carbon source: Citrates “Bergey's Manual” Motility? (presence of flagella?) Motile by presence of flagella “The Prokaryotes” Does this organism produce a capsule? Non capsulated “The Prokaryotes” Does this organism sporulate? (produce endospores?) Yes “The Prokaryotes” Does this organism have any special characteristics/metabolic properties that would allow identification? Large rod shape Specific tests recommended for differentiation of this organism from other closely related organisms. (1) Positive result on a Gram test (2) Look for motility...
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