Psych 301 F08 MT2

Psych 301 F08 MT2 - Psych 301 Fall 2008 Dr F Scott Hall...

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Psych 301, Fall 2008 Dr. F. Scott Hall Midterm Examination 2 Name: ___________________________
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WORD BANK A δ fibers Adaptation Afferent Akinesia Amygdala Anosmia Anterior Olfactory Nuclei Antinociceptive Ascending Anterolateral system Ascending dorsal-column medial lemniscus system Anosmia Asomatognosia Astereognosia Auditory Basilar Membrane Binaural disparity Binocular disparity Bipolar Cell Blindsight C fibers Cauda equina Central canal Central Sulcus Cerebellum Cerebral Cortex Cerebral spinal fluid Cervical Characteristic Frequency Chemoreceptors Chochlea Cone Contralateral neglect Cranial nerves Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex Dorsolateral Pathway Dorsal column Dorsal horn Dorsal root ganglion Efferent Entorhinal Cortex Extensors Exteroceptive Flexors Fourier Analysis Fovea Free nerve endings Ganglion Cell Golgi Tendon Organs Gray matter Gustation Hair cells Horizontal Cell Huntington’s Chorea Hypercomplex I, II Incus Inferior Colliculus Inferior Olives Interoceptive Intracellular recording Inverse Myotatic Reflex Lateral column Lateral Geniculate Nucleus Limbic System Lumbar Magnocellular Malleus Medial Geniculate Nucleus Meissner corpuscles Merkel’s Disks Motor neurons Muscle Spindles Myelin Myelinization Nociception Nucleus of the Solitary Tract Olfaction Olfactory Epithelium Olfactory Bulb Olfactory Tubercle Opioids Ossicles Pacinian corpuscles Parasympathetic Nervous System Parkinson’s disease Parvocellular Pheromones Photopic Place Theory Posterior Parietal Cortex Prefrontal Cortex Premotor Area Proprioceptive Pyriform Cortex Reciprocal Inhibition Rexed’s Laminae Rhodopsin Rod Ruffini corpuscles
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  • Dorsolateral prefrontal cortex, anosmia, olfactory bulb, posterior parietal cortex, Cortex Prefrontal Cortex

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Psych 301 F08 MT2 - Psych 301 Fall 2008 Dr F Scott Hall...

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