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lecture 5-6 study guide

lecture 5-6 study guide - Howdobacteriadiffer...

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How do bacteria differ? Compare and contrast the cell anatomy of Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria? How are they similar? How are they different? Given a picture of a bacterium, could you determine if it were Gram positive or Gram negative? What phenotypes can you see under a microscope? Could you label a diagram of a given bacterial cell? How do bacteria move? What is the difference between a flagellum and a pilus? How do these structural differences relate to how a bacterium moves? How do these structures differ when comparing Gram positive to Gram Negative bacteria? What is taxis? What are the different types of taxis? Why are pure cultures important in the study of bacteria? How is growth defined in bacterial cells? What are the phases of growth? Can you draw and label a typical growth curve? What is happening in each phase of a growth curve? What is generation time? What does it mean? How is growth measured?
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