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Lecture 7-8 review sheet How do bacteria grow? What is the difference between a primary metabolite and a secondary metabolite? Can you draw a growth curve that demonstrates E. coli growing on media with glucose, indicating that the cells have a generation time of 20 minutes? Can you correctly label each phase of the growth curve? How does this curve change when the generation time increases? Could a cell which lacked the Kreb 's cycle live? Why or why not? What are the essential components that bacteria need to grow? What molecules can serve as a carbon source? What molecules can serve as an energy source? What is the difference between an essential element and a trace element? In media #2 from PAK question 3.1, what is each component providing to ETPUM? What are the properties of enzymes? How do they function in a biochemical reaction? What is the importance of the active site of an ezyme? How does the active site differ from an allosteric site?
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