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1 Research Strategy Paper Jill Overton Gen200 Due: October 25, 2010 Lynette Herrig My name is Jill Overton and I work at John Deere in Dubuque, IA. Currently, I work with Union employees. This can pose quite a challenge most days. I respect and get along quite well with most of my union co-workers, however there are some that think the world is theirs and it doesn’t matter who’s feelings are hurt as long as it benefits them. I was recently mis-treated by one of my union co-workers. Part of my job is to make sure hardware parts flow within the factory. A second part of my job is to manage the hardware that comes into the factory; meaning enough to keep the factory running, but not too much to where we run out of room to store larger and smaller parts. A third part of my job is to work with each of the buyers to be sure the suppliers can ship these parts as needed, only when needed. Each wage person is in charge of certain hardware parts in their area. When they feel they are in need of a part, they order it. About 40% of the time, they don’t actually need the parts they order. Either it’s already in their area and they don’t know it or there is extra in the factory that we can get to them. One of the wage personnel ordered a part. I cancelled the order and then personally explained to him the need for this cancellation. Typically, they tend to get upset when they are not allowed to receive their parts. He raised his voice to me and asked me to go outside of my normal job duties to fulfill his request. I responded that I
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Research Strategy Paper - 1 Research Strategy Paper Jill...

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