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Academic Major notes - E American Physical Therapist Assoc...

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1. Accountant. Major- Accounting, languages, mathematics. 2. Biology- botanist, chiropractor, medical doctor, personal trainer, physical therapist. 3. Biology- Physical Therapist A. Science/ Math oriented B. B. S. degree in Bio C. Helping people with rehab D. Personable, pt, helpful, friendly, empathetic
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Unformatted text preview: E. American Physical Therapist Assoc. F. Student Physical Therapy Assoc. G. ESTP, Lawyer, Medical & Health Service Mgt., Athletic Trainer H. Scholarly Journals (3) I. Cite (1) SJ Trevorton, skyler, simon, roland, matinee, gavin, Dalton, dreamtime, calvin...
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  • Fall '10
  • Adams
  • Healthcare occupations, E. American Physical Therapist Assoc, Biology- Physical Therapist, Physical Therapist Assoc

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