HW08 - ³ ´ = 0.001 units 2 A horizontal load at node 3 of...

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University of California, Berkeley Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering Spring Semester 2009 1 CE 121 — Advanced Structural Analysis Homework Set #8 (due Apr. 3, 2009) 1. Problem (10 points) The degree of static indeterminacy of the truss in the figure is NOS=1. Choose ° 5 as the redundant force. The axial stiffness of all truss elements is ±² = 30,000 units. Consider two load cases on the structure: 1. Elements b and c are subjected to a positive thermal strain
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Unformatted text preview: ³ ´ = 0.001 units. 2. A horizontal load at node 3 of 25 units to the right. Complete the following tasks for each load case: 1. Use the force method of analysis to determine all basic forces and element deformations. 2. Determine the support reactions. 3. Determine the horizontal translation at node 3. 4. Draw the displaced shape. 5. If the axial stiffness were doubled for all truss elements, which results would change?...
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