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HO #5; 9/03/08 CE 166 Construction Engineering Fall 2008 Problem Set 1 Due: September 10, 2008; Total: 100 points 1. The construction industry is typically large and diverse in every national economy, with tens of thousands of firms participating. Please select a general contractor/construction management firm, and a specialty contractor (e.g., electrical or HVAC or pipe contractor), domestic or international, and describe what they do and what their specialty is in ½ page for each company (for 1 page total). The Internet is a possible source of such information. Please attach to your homework the front page of their brochure, or print out the introductory web page (only 1 page !) of the companies you are analyzing. (20 points) 2. Imagine an 80-story skyscraper similar to World Wide Plaza, and consider its economies of scale. The ground floor (Floor 1) has a total footprint of 5,000 m 2 where 100 m 2 are dedicated to critical facility services (elevators, mechanical shafts, maintenance rooms, etc.), and the remaining 4,900
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