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Unformatted text preview: HO #11; 9/15/08 CE 166 Construction Engineering Fall 2008 Problem Set 2 Due: September 24, 2008; Total: 100 points 1. You are excavating a building foundation. You are already 30 ft below grade and there is no ramp for trucks to enter or exit. You have front loaders in the hole bringing (but not excavating) material to the corner of the site where cranes are lifting the material to dump trucks at grade level. The average distance the loaders travel per cycle is 60 yd. The front loaders have 1.5 yd 3 capacities and a standard operating cycle time of 60 sec (which includes loading, turning full, dumping, and turning empty, but not travel) and an average speed of 15 mph. You also have cranes with clamshells with 4 yd 3 capacity and a standard operating cycle time of 30 sec. The dump trucks have a 10 yd 3 capacity and travel to a dumpsite 6 miles away. The average speed of the truck is 25 mph, and the dumping time is 75 sec. The excavated material has a swell factor of 1.15. All equipment is operated 8 hrs and the dumping time is 75 sec....
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